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Brain Food: food where your brain smult


Brain Food, whose power is your brain happy? Want to improve your concentration, excel? There is a lot of scientific research into the relationship between diet and the brains.


What is the best fuel for your brain so you can give full throttle? Why is it important to keep your blood sugar in balance? For better memory, improved concentration and alertness is important to eat healthy and varied. Feast on this brain food!


Fuel for your mind

The main fuels our brains are fats and sugars. It is, however, precisely these nutrients are first deleted all kinds of diets.


Our brains take only 2% of our entire body to complete and are about as big as an average cauliflower. But compared to all our other organs and tissues, our brains consume 10 times more energy.


Keep blood sugar levels in balance

It is important that your blood sugar level remains fairly constant to avoid hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar), undeniably one of the main enemies of our IQ. Moreover, we would need to eat at regular intervals and choose foods with a low “glycemic index.”


Some foods make blood sugar rise faster than others. The degree of increase is called the ‘glycemic index’. Concentrated sugars, processed into sweets and soft drinks, have a high glycemic index and are best eaten sparingly. Carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread, potatoes and brown rice have a low glycemic index and are thus more valuable to our body.


What foods have a positive impact on your brains brains?


Six brain foods that your brain smult

Brain Food – vis1 Brain Food: Fish

Fish is I think the most famous brain food. Fish contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, in particular known under the name of omega-3. The brains are, after the adipose tissue, the fat most organs of the human body. The cell walls contain in particular omega-3, omega-6, and cholesterol. Omega-3 ensures the smooth functioning of the cells so that certain substances (eg. Serotonin) are produced.


Omega-3 helps prevent the deterioration of brain cells and stimulates the production of new cells. Omega-3 is one of the good fats that nourish our brains and protect the neurons. Omega-3 thus leads to more learning ability and a better resistance to stress. Do you want to get enough omega-3 than you would every day 230g of oily fish or 860 g white fish must eat.


2 Brain Food: green (leafy) vegetables

Green greetings such as broccoli and spinach everyone would actually have to eat every day. These vegetables contain a lot of iron, folic acid and vitamin B6. The iron content in the blood, or rather the lack of it, affects our ability to concentrate. Folic acid and vitamin B6 help tryptophan, among others present in bananas, into serotonin, which brightens your mood.


They also help to gay cysteines, chemicals that are related to knowledge loss and Alzheimer’s, to break down. In addition, broccoli contains also much vitamin K, which stimulates brain function.


Tip make green smoothies


Recipe from my favorite


You will need:


1 banana

1 tablespoon raw cacao

2.5 cups of water or rice milk

1 tablespoon protein powder

Good handful of spinach

Stop all the ingredients in the blender and add finally the water. Turn the blender on and wait until everything is well mixed. If necessary, add some water if you like thin smoothies.


The result is not only a very tasty and healthy smoothie, but also gives a boost for your brain.


More green smoothies, click here >>>3 Brain Food: Eggs

Eggs have wrongly been given a bad reputation. Eggs are rich in choline and lecithin, two nutrients that are important for the brains. Choline is important for the development of the brains and brain functions. Lecithin improves the transport and digestion of fats and thus has a positive effect on the metabolism. Lecithin also improves memory and learning.


4 Brain Food: Chocolate (raw cacao)

Dark chocolate contains phenylethylamine dust. This substance is also present in the brains. People who are depressed often or depressed, likely to have a deficiency of this substance. In addition, chocolate also contains flavonoids; These are pigments that protect people against heart disease. Because blood flow to the brains is extremely important, especially dark chocolate is good for your brain.


Please note that no ordinary chocolate from the supermarket, it is loaded with sugar! Opt for raw cocoa.


5 Brain Food: Nuts and seeds

All nuts contain protein, plenty of dietary fiber, unsaturated fats, vitamin B, E and magnesium, important for brain function. They can help you to think more clearly and boost your mood. In addition, they contain anti-oxidants that prevent stress.


6 Brain Food: Pomegranate

Bomblet packed with antioxidants. These allow you to decrease stress levels. Prefers to eat the fruit so you immediately get a good dose of fiber inside. Our brains respond first to stress so anything you can do to help reduce this effect.


Drew Ramsey at TED

Drew Ramsey tells his story at TED about how he saw flourish patients again after they had changed their their diet on their brain.




What do you like to eat for lunch?


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